Useful websites for finding images

These websites all provide CC (Creative Commons) images for use in your work. "Creative Commons" means that the images CAN be copied and saved legally for use in your work.

Other websites may have images within them that do not have Creative Commons. This means that if you were to use those images you would be breaking the copyright law. Please respect copyright, and use Creative Commons only in your work.

Please also remember to attribute the image when you use it (this means mention where the picture came from within your work). See the example below with an attribution below it.

An early computer for home. Image from SW Grid for Learning

DK Photos


Learning and Teaching Scotland


NEN Gallery

Open ClipArt library

Pictopus Image Gallery (use the username "porchesterpupil") See your teacher or Mr. Widdowson for the password

PrimaryICT Safe Image Search

SW Grid for Learning

Wikipedia Education Selection