Learning Space Help Pages


*View this page for downloadable / printable help guides for the learning platform *

Got a question? Need some help? See Mr Widdowson in school, or send a message from your Google Account. This page will be updated as questions arise.

Q) Where can I view my work?

You can view your work on any computer connected to the Internet (PC or Mac). You can also view your learning space and Google Account on smartphones. This page shows all the ways you can access the school website / your learning space.

Q) What files can I put into my learning space?

Using the "Insert File" icon you can add word, powerpoint, excel and .pdf files to your learning space. These will all open in a special pop up window on screen.
You can also add images that are .gif .jpg and .png format. You CANNOT add .wmf images from powerpoint though.

Q) Where can I find images to use within my projects?

This page on the wiki has links to several Creative Commons Image websites.

Q) How do I put my Google Docs work into my Learning Space?

- Open a NEW Internet browser window and log into your learning space.

- Copy this code;
<iframe src='Place your document URL here' frameborder='0' width='570' height='430'></iframe>

- Change the red writing to the location of your work

- In your learning space, compose a new post and click on the "HTML" tab. Now paste the code into the box.

- Return to your Google Docs work. Now go to publish it.Copy the URL (the address in the whitebar at the top of the screen)

- Replace the Red text in the code with the URL of your work.- Give your work a title, choose a category, then save it. Done!