General Resources

24/7 access to literacy resources in PurpleMash:
24/7 access to resources used in English lessons: Gogglebox Channel

Adventure Island - online creative space
BBC7 - Big Toe Books - listen to audiobooks
BBC Gut Instinct - Literacy Games
BBC Pinball - thoughts and ideas
Bectan Sands - online writing website
Big Bus - online literacy activities
CBBC Inclusive Newsreader
Charlie Bone website
Comic Master - online comic maker
Dragonsville - online creative space
First News - childrens newspaper
Harry Potter website
Jaqueline Wilson website
JK Rowling website
KS2 Flash Dictionary
Malorie Blackman website
Michael Morpurgo website
Myth and Legends - read and listen to stories
Ology world - pirates, dragons, wizards, and more
Puffin Books
Roald Dahl website
Scrabble - play online!
Spiderwick website
Storybooks - where did the river go?
Weaving Tales - ideas for story writing
Wordle - create images from text

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