General Resources

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All About Animals
Arkive - the worlds most endangered species
BBC Bitesize Revision
Big Bus - online activities
Children's University of Manchester - Science activities
Hunkin's Experiments
RSPB - details about British birds
RSPB (Junior Section) - fun and games
Sea Life Centres
Woodland Trust
WWF Go Wild website
Weather Forecasting - make your own forecast

Circuits and Conductors, Lower School, Cycle B, Autumn
Electricity, Upper School, Upper School, Cycle B, Autumn
Electric Circuits
Simple Circuits
The Electricity Book
Circuit Games
Make a circuit online

Earth and Beyond, Upper School, Cycle B, Autumn

BBC Science Clips Earth, Sun and Moon
ESA Kids
Nasa for students
Our Solar System
The Nine Planets

Moving and Growing, Lower School, Cycle B, Spring
Moving and Growing - Woodlands School
Build an Animal Skeleton - Royal Institute
Label a skeleton
Skeletal System - Interactive Tutorials
Skeleton Song - Simple Science
Skeleton Video - Simple Science
Muscles - Interactive Tutorials
Your Muscles
Muscles -
Muscles and Movement (BBC Video Clip)
Biceps and Triceps (BBC Video Clip)

Rocks and Soils, Lower School, Cycle B, Spring

The Rock Cycle
Rocks and Soils - BBC
Rocks for Kids
Soiled Again - investigate soil
Mineral Photographs - Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Teeth and Eating, Lower School, Cycle B, Autumn

Taking Care of your teeth
Caring for my teeth
Tip Top Teeth (.pdf)

Variation / Classification, Upper School, Cycle B, Spring

Animal Classification (Arkive)
Classification - animals (Oxford University)
Classification - animals (The Animal Spot)
Darwins Finches - variation (Arkive)
Identify your Insects
Variation - BBC

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